Here are a few mistakes you should avoid to maximize your results and minimize your headache.

1. Skipping the necessary preparation

Taking the time to get your home ready for sale is one of the most important steps in the selling process. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, which can translate to dollar value if you take the necessary measures. This means you should take the time to paint, make repairs, de-clutter, and even stage the home in order to increase its value and make it more likely for buyers to remain interested.

2. Pricing too high for the market

The biggest mistake sellers make is overpricing their property for the market. The higher you overprice your home, the more days it is likely to remain on the market which, in turn, will negatively affect your final sale price. It’s a good idea to work with an experienced professional who knows the market as well as your neighborhood in order to make an expert analysis of comparable homes and price it correctly.

3. Being present for showings and open houses

While you may be more of a “hands-on” seller, it’s never a good idea to stick around during open houses. When a buyer walks in, they want to feel comfortable and able to imagine themselves living in your home. If you’re present, they may feel as if they’re intruding on your property, thus detaching themselves from the house and making them less likely to want to purchase it.

4. Finally, one of the biggest mistakes sellers can make is not working with an experienced professional.

A good real estate agent can provide you with support, advice, and resources to help you avoid many of these common pitfalls. Make sure to ask the agents that you interview questions in order to determine how qualified they truly are.

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